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Startup Interns matches early stage start-ups with juniors looking for their first chance to prove themselves.

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What is Startup Interns?

Start-up Interns is a scheme run by DigitalGrads with the aim of helping early-stage start-ups get a much needed extra pair of hands while at the same time helping

young people gain work experience.


  • No employment liability - we provide the worker with an employment contract.
  • No hidden fees - everything is covered including the worker’s tax, NI and holiday pay.
  • Risk-free - you bear no employment liability whatsoever, and we insure the worker.
  • Affordable and flexible - pay by the hour to have your grad work for you.


  • Hungry - access junior talent with a strong ambition to prove themselves.
  • Hardworking - juniors retain access to the DigitalGrads Academy to up-skill in digital.
  • Humble - candidates realise they don't know it all and continue training after education.
  • Talented - all our candidates have a desire to work in tech, and are going the extra mile.


We’ve purposely kept the cost low with no additional hiring fees so that it’s affordable and flexible for small businesses. It costs just £15 per hour (+vat) to have the intern working in your business. 

No hiring fees, no hidden charges, and nothing for you to worry about.

"The results of our Startup Intern campaign were astounding. Our grad managed to produce results akin to a large digital marketing agency. The engagement and followers on Twitter increased exponentially!"

Martyn Gould, founder of Yboo.

How it works


Create the job description

We'll ask you to provide a job description just as you would for a normal position including a description of the main tasks and a description of your company.  


Graduate and employer match

DigitalGrads will review your job description and send you a candidate that we've matched you with who you are then free to telephone interview.


Contract set-up

Much like a temporary worker service, we provide the worker with an employment contract, we run the payroll and pay their applicable taxes, NI and holiday pay, and we insure them. 

Frequently asked questions

What does a Startup Intern cost me?

It costs £15 per hour for the duration of the Internship or project.

Is there a minimum amount of time I can hire an intern for?

We like you to hire an intern for at least 3 days a week or 20 hours per week for the minimum of a 3 months.

What is covered in the £15 per hour?

The intern's salary, tax, NI and holiday pay are all covered, as well administering payroll, managing HMRC obligations and employee insurance.

How is payment taken?

We use GoCardless to take the salary payment from you on a weekly basis in advance. Funds of the first salary payment must be cleared before the worker starts working for you.

Can I preview the candidates you have available?

Yes, the candidates all have digital profiles on our hiring platform. Candidates ​marked as available for internships are those who are available for the Startup Intern programme.

What sort of graduates do you have?

All of our graduates have a desire to break into the tech industry and work in digital and media. Their skills will be mixed and include digital marketing, sales, development and coding, and design.

Is there a minimum amount of time I can hire an intern for?

We like you to hire an intern for at least 2 days a week or 14 hours per week so that you and the intern get real results from the partnership.

What happens if it doesn’t work out?

We will help you find a new worker no problems at all. We’ll work with you to understand what the problems were and find you someone with more applicable skills. You are only obligated to give the worker 1-week notice.

How do I get started?

Register your interest at the top of the page or email