Self-service hiring puts you in control

Got an efficient hiring process, and now you just need to source high quality candidates? 

  • Fill your pipeline.
  • Run "always-on" campaigns.
  • Take complete control.

Find candidates who want to work in tech.

Search and filter through evidence based profiles and chat to the candidates you like the best.

Make CV sifting a thing of the past. 

Search and filter based on location,
skills and experience.

Easy-to-digest digital profiles

Evidence-based profiles are stronger than a personally prepared CV and are created in a fair and consistent way. 

90% message response rate.

Chat to live candidates who are actively looking for work and invite the to interview all inside the platform.

You're in good company

Every self-service package includes...

Unlimited access to candidates.

Candidates who want to work in tech.

Pipeline & shortlist management.

Instant message candidates.

On-going skills training for new employee.

We've worked with DigitalGrads for many years and they've always provided great service and an easy way to recruit the best talent in the industry. Their new subscription service fits our business as it gives greater flexibility in line with our hiring needs as they change through the year.

Couldn't recommend Digital Grads enough!

Adam Clarke

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For tech and media businesses who want continuous access to the very best in young digital talent.



/per month

(cancel anytime)

  • Plus £1,000 pay on success.
  • 24-hour free trial.
  • Advertise an unlimited number of roles.
  • Hire as frequently as you like. 
  • Run "always-on" hiring campaigns.
  • Free replacement in first 3 months.
  • Instant message candidates.
  • New employees retain access to training


Commission free hiring for internal recruiters who are hiring multiple grad roles or sourcing candidates for a grad scheme.




  • No additional hiring fees to pay.
  • 24-hour free trial.
  • 30 hires per year included.
  • Advertise an unlimited number of roles.
  • Cost per hire as little as £166.
  • First dibs on top talent (1 day early).
  • Run "always-on" hiring campaigns.
  • New employees retain access to training.

See what you could save.

Simply the most cost-effective way to hire digital juniors.

of hires

We charge

Grad recruiters
charge 15%

You save

1 hire



£2,270 (69%)

2 hires



£4,540 (69%)

10 hires



£11,501 (69%)

20 hires



£28,001 (85%)

These calculations assume traditional grad recruiters charge a 15% commission fee on an average graduate starting salary of £25,000.

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