Simple, risk-free packages

No percentage negotiation, no hidden fees and no nasty surprises.

Permanent hires

Hire graduates with
proven work experience. 


Hire keen graduates who are just starting their career and help them build experience.


Get the candidate that you need without hurting your cashflow:

Monthly instalments on hire of

over 6 months by Direct Debit


Recruit interns for 3 to 6 months. We handle salary, payroll, tax, insurance & pension.

Full-time (all costs and fees included)
from £500
per week by Direct Debit.


Flush with cash? 
Pay once for a discount:

A one-off payment on hire of
That's a £500 discount.


Or employ your intern directly 
and we’ll split out our recruitment fee.

Monthly instalments of 

by Direct Debit for the length of the internship.

Success guarantee

We'll provide a free replacement if your hire
doesn't work out during the first year.

Flexibility as standard

Extend internships as needed
or end early with 2 weeks notice.

£500 is due before you start interviewing candidates and will be subtracted from your first success fee. Refer to our terms for full details.

£250 is due before you start interviewing candidates and will be subtracted from your first monthly fee. Refer to our terms for full details.

Intern to permanent

Love your intern? If you decide to take them on after the internship, there’s a conversion fee of:
£2,000 (one-off)

Intern to perm placements are treated like a permanent hire and
the 12-month free replacement period is counted from the start of their internship.

Volume hiring subscription: Planning to make 5 or more hires this year? Ask us about a subscription or multipack for lower fees.

Pre-seed start-up with less than 5 staff? Get in touch to find out about our early hires discount on 020 3917 0790.

All prices are exclusive of VAT

Every package includes...

5 candidates who fit your brief.

Candidates who want to work in tech.

Video introductions by candidates.

Deep-dive job discovery

On-going skills training for new employee.

Friendly and professional team.

Fully account managed service.

Tailor-made interview

Grads retain access to the Academy.

care and advice.

Frequently asked questions

What payment methods do you accept?

We take recurring payments using GoCardless' direct debit feature and we invoice you and take BACs payments for one-off fees.

Why do you charge an upfront fee?

We put a tremendous amount of time and expertise into getting the recruitment process right including training our candidates and running an assessment that's unique to your company, so we charge an upfront fee for that work. It ensures that you get amazing service and we are working in partnership which is the best way to run an effective recruitment process.

What happens if my hire doesn't work out?

We are purposely moving away from the model where recruiters chase fees and are only in it for short-term gains. We want to build long term relationships so we offer a 12-month free replacement on all permanent hires. 

How many candidates are there on the platform?

We have hundreds of trained candidates live on the platform and we currently have over 300 new candidates applying every month. Since launching in 2018 we've had over 10,000 candidates join our DigitalGrads Academy training programme.

Why don't you charge a percentage of salary?

We believe that it's fairer to charge a flat-fee, especially at grad level. It gives you the flexibility to offer an increase in salary without worrying about paying us any more. 

What if I want to hire multiple roles?

We can offer you discounted rates paid by monthly or annual subscription if you know how many roles you want to hire. Please give us a call on 020 3917 0790.

Can I use the platform to self-serve?

If you are an internal recruiter and you already have a robust hiring process, you can opt for our  subscription. We price this package based on your expected use of the system. Please give us a call on 020 3917 0790 to find out more.

What role and candidate types do you have?

We have candidates with 0-3 years experience looking for either an internship or a permanent role. We specialise in providing marketers, sales execs, designers, developers and data analysts.

Do you offer flexible or temporary working?

Yes, we can provide candidates to your business as temp workers where we employ the candidate on your behalf. Please give us a call on 020 3917 0790 to find out more.

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