Grad recruitment - done the right way.

  • Hiring strategy and advice.
  • No cut corners.
  • 5 high quality candidates.
  • Hiring process help.
  • Efficient hiring software.
  • After-hire care.
Pay on Success

For tech and media businesses who want continuous access to the very best in young digital talent.




  • £500 deposit
  • Quality Candidate Guarantee (see below)
  • 12-month free replacement
  • 5 relevant candidates guaranteed.
  • Fully managed hiring process.
  • Access to hiring software. 

Commission free hiring for internal recruiters who are hiring multiple grad roles or sourcing candidates for a grad scheme.


  • No additional hiring fees to pay.
  • Access to candidates via platform.
  • Dramatically reduce your cost per hire.
  • Efficient hiring software.
  • Run "always-on" hiring campaigns.
  • Dedicated account manager.

Quality Candidate Guarantee

We don’t work like traditional recruiters because we've trained our candidates. We follow our hiring methodology to the letter and we put a tremendous amount of work and expertise into the hiring process, and deliver you exceptional value. If after the job discovery call we can't fill your role, or you don't wish to interview any of our candidates, we'll refund all money paid to us. This means on the Pay Monthly package we'll refund any monthly payments you've made, and on the Pay on Success package we'll refund your deposit. No questions asked.

Every managed package includes...

5 candidates who fit your brief.

Candidates who want to work in tech.

On-going skills training for new employee.

Deep-dive job discovery

On-going skills training for new employee.

Friendly and professional team.

Fully account managed service.

Tailor-made interview

Grads retain access to the Academy.


Frequently asked questions

What payment methods do you accept?

We take payment on the platform using Stripe. We accept all major credit and debit cards. We can also set up a Direct Debit or invoice you with 14 day payment terms if you would prefer.

Why do you charge a deposit?

We charge a deposit to ensure you are fully bought into our services, and we we don't do a lot of work that is wasted. We put a tremendous amount of time and expertise into getting the recruitment process right, including training our candidates, so that employers get amazing value in the service and in the quality of the candidates.

What happens if my hire doesn't work out?

We are purposely moving away from the model where recruiters chase fees and are only in it for short-term gains. We want to build long term relationships so we offer a 12-month free replacement on both packages. Or if you prefer on the Pay Monthly package you may choose to stop paying the fees if the candidates leaves your employment, so it works like a clawback in reverse, over the 10-month period. 

How many candidates are there on the platform?

We have hundreds of trained candidates live on the platform and we currently have over 100 new candidates applying every month. Since launch in 2018 we've had over 5,000 candidates join our DigitalGrads Academy training programme.

Why don't you charge a percentage of salary?

We believe that it's fairer to charge a flat-fee, especially at grad level. It gives you the flexibility to offer an increase in salary without worrying about paying us any more. 

What if I want to hire multiple roles?

Great! We can offer you discounts if you know how many roles you want to hire. Please just get in touch.

Can I use the platform to self-serve?

If you are an internal recruiter and you already have a robust hiring process, you can opt for our Recruiter package and simply use our platform to self-serve and source candidates. We will ,of course, be on hand to answer software questions, but there is no shortlist or candidate management included. We price this package based on your expected use of the system. Please get in touch to find out more.

What role and candidate types do you have?

We have candidates with 0-3 years experience looking for either an internship or a permanent role. We specialise in providing marketers, sales, designers, developers and data analysts.

Do you offer flexible or temporary working?

Yes we can provide candidates to your business as temp workers. Please see our Startup Interns scheme for more details about that.

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