How we work - our unique approach

You're poised for growth, and you need exceptional talent but you're struggling to find enough top quality candidates to run an efficient hiring process. Does this sound familiar?

Our unique approach means we have hundreds of candidates training with us at any one time. We use our software to make the process more efficient and transparent, and our expertise to help you find the very best candidates for your roles.
Here's a run down of how the process works:

Screening and vetting 

Only 20% of applicants make it on to the hiring platform.

This is self-selection at work. Many of the applicants count themselves out immediately because they don't want to take extra training. We see this as a good thing, because we're left with a motivated bunch who are prepared to go the extra mile.

After screening our candidates all have:

  • Right to work in the UK.
  • A desire to work in the tech industry.
  • A thirst for knowledge and digital skills.
  • The hunger and motivation to succeed.

Career coach

The DigitalGrads Career Coach takes the candidates through a tailored programme of training, assessments and career advice:

  • Tech industry training - is a role in tech is right for them?
  • Essential business skills - how to communicate effectively and behave professionally.
  • Psychometric tests - numeracy and literacy tests indicate natural abilities.
  • Digital skills training - practical courses in sales, marketing, social & content, web and more!

Deep-dive job discovery

We don't cut corners. This is the most important phase of the hiring process:

1. Deep-dive job discovery call - we spend up to an hour with you understanding your company, the role, and the candidate requirements. Putting the effort in at the beginning really pays dividends at the end.

2. Curated job description - we will write your job brief for you and upload it into our system to generate matches.

3. Film a video advert - it breaks down barriers if candidates can get a visual taster of the hiring manager, it's optional but can help to attract the right candidates.

Best-fit shortlist

The DigitalGrads team deliver you 5 exceptional candidates who fit your brief within 2 weeks, so you can run an effective, not disjointed hiring process.

If you do not wish interview one of the candidates, we'll send you a replacement until you have 5 candidates that you're excited about interviewing.

Interview task

When hiring anyone you want to know if they can do the job. At beginner level this can sometimes be harder to establish as most will lack prior experience. To overcome this we...

  • Set a task as the first step of the process.
  • Blind hiring option - if you wish we can run a bling process up to this point so you get to choose candidates for interview based on their task submissions.
  • Selecting the candidates for interview - you get to interview only candidates who have demonstrated that they have the skills to do your role. 

Interview process

Our help and support doesn't stop at the shortlist. We'll provide you with a tailored interview pack that comprises:

  • A set of interview questions that test for your company values, candidate requirements and core competencies.
  • An interview scorecard so you can score candidates equally and fairly, and note their progress.
  • A second interview assessment tailored to your brief to help you run a fair and efficient hiring process.

After hire

We'd like to build a long-term relationship with you and the successful candidate. After hire we provide the following help and support:

  • Continuous training - your new employees retain access to the DigitalGrads Academy.
  • Graduate hotline - Graduates can access our advice service to help them excel at their new job.
  • Quarterly check-ins - we run quarterly check-ins with candidates and employers to help manage expectations and open up communication.

Success fee

We don’t operate like traditional recruiters because we offer a 12-month guarantee on all permanent roles. We follow our methodology to the letter and we put a tremendous amount of work and expertise into training our candidates and finding you best fit employees. 

We are purposely moving away from the model where recruiters charge high fees and only offer a 3-month rebate. We want to build long term relationships. These are our standard terms:

  • No quibble return of deposit  - if we can't find you 5 relevant candidates who you want to interview we will return your deposit.
  • 12 month free replacement - we offer a 12-month free replacement period which is double the length of time a normal recruiter will offer.

Very happy with my experience working with Digital Grads. Very personable and I felt supported throughout the whole process by the team. And I’m pleased to say we offered a job to one of the DigitalGrads we interviewed.

Sarah Heath

Sarah Heath

2Simple, an edtech start-up

DigitalGrads makes the recruitment process easy from start to finish. The system is intuitive and the overall model is flexible. And best of all, the team are lovely to work with and very supportive.

Lucy Morewood

Lucy Morewood

Smarterly, a fintech start-up

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