Tech start-ups require a different 
of grad recruitment.

1. Traditional graduate recruitment is broken.

1 in 3 grads who leave university are mismatched to roles. Traditional graduate recruiters charge high fees, are sector agnostic and focus on the graduate's existing skills. 

Employers subscribe to our service knowing they will receive candidate profiles created in a fair and consistent way.

2. Training and career development for young people.

Directly in line with the government’s UK Industrial Strategy the main aim of the DigitalGrads Academy is to help young people develop the skills they need to do the high-skilled jobs of the future.

The DigitalGrads Academy is non-elitist and open to all recent graduates, so it's not just those with 'bank of mum and dad' who get the opportunities.

3. Only the right candidates for your brief.

Posting job ads is unreliable. Sifting through CVs is slow. The result of recruiting this way is often disappointing.

We'll take you on a hassle-free hiring journey, creating you a shortlist of 5 talented candidates who match your brief and who are actively looking to work for a tech company. 

4. We've banned percentage negotiation.

Poor retention costs the tech industry £1,891m each year. A traditional recruiter will charge 15% or more of the starting salary.

It's time to scrap percentage negotiation and extortionate hiring fees, and move with the times. Our pricing model means you can spread the cost over the first 10 months of employment and replace candidates at no additional cost. We think this is the fairest way to price our service.

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Sarah Heath

Sarah Heath


Very happy with my experience working with DigitalGrads. Very personable and I felt supported throughout the whole process by the team. And I’m pleased to say we offered a job to one of the DigitalGrads we interviewed.

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