Frequently Asked Questions

We're on a mission to match talented university graduates and entry-level job hunters with innovative tech and media industry employers. With DigitalGrads you don't have to spend hours reading CVs or screening candidates: your team of recruitment experts will do all of the hard work for you.

While we are a recruitment platform, our work doesn't stop with helping you find your ideal candidates. We know that entry-level job hunters can make a massive difference to small businesses, but we also know that the skills they truly need to thrive in a fast-paced startup or agency aren't taught at university. That's why we teach them for free in our Academy training courses.

If you have any questions please get in touch by emailing or calling us on 020 3951 8891.

What is the DigitalGrads Hiring Platform?

Our platform is a database of talented job seekers ready to find their next roles. All of our candidates have 0-3+ years of work experience under their belts and have passed our internal screening process.

What calibre of candidates do you have?

Our candidates come from all walks of life, but we specialise in sourcing graduate talent with 0-3+ years of work experience. You can take a look at our candidate database after having an initial call with a Client Liaison Manager - book in now.

How do I talk to candidates?

Our Hiring Platform makes it easy to reach out to job hunters and arrange interviews. Simply find your perfect candidate, add them to your role shortlist and get to chatting within the platform.

What is your process?

Our standard recruitment process looks like this:

  1. Initial call with a Client Liaison Manager to ensure we can meet your needs
  2. You send us your job description
  3. Initial call with your Account Manager to iron out the details and finalise your task
  4. Your job advert is created by our in-house copywriter
  5. Your job goes live to all of our candidates and is advertised across job boards including Indeed and LinkedIn
  6. Your Accounts team completes the initial screening of candidates and sends out your task
  7. After tasks are returned we create and send you your shortlist of around 6 candidates
  8. You review their tasks and profiles before arranging first interviews
  9. You give feedback to candidates at first interview stage before arranging second interviews
  10. Then you send your job offer to the lucky candidate

Our support doesn't end when your job offer is accepted: we're here to help you source, hire, onboard and manage your new team member. If you need any advice you can always reach out.

How long will it take?

From initial call to job offer, we tend to work on roles for 3-6 weeks before completion. However there is always an exception to this! Our record for fastest hire is 3 days after the job went live to candidates.

Traditional recruitment companies charge exorbitant fees on-hire. Our payment packages for permanent and fixed-term hires have been created with small business owners in mind. 

Contrary to other recruitment companies that you might have worked with before, we charge a small upfront fee prior to working on your role. This is to ensure that countless hours of administrative work and expensive advertising don't end up wasted if you decide to put the role on hold. This fee is deducted from your final bill so you never pay more than you should.

What salary should I pay my new hire?

Entry-level salaries can vary dramatically depending on the role type, experience level and industry. We recommend doing some market research to find the perfect salary for you and your candidate.

What do our clients think?

Find out how Zoƫ Jackson, Partnership Manager at citrusHR, hired three Customer Support - Software Specialists with DigitalGrads.

"We've come back to DigitalGrads again and again. I really can't imagine the thought of trying to hire someone without them!"

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