Celebrating three years of DigitalGrads

Last week we celebrated our third birthday…

October 2021 marks three years of matching talented university grads and first jobbers with innovative employers. But our celebrations didn’t end when the cake was eaten and the birthday banner was taken down.

This month we’re going to celebrate all the important things: the job hunters, the employers and the team behind it all. But for right now we’re going to look back at how far we’ve come!

The original three team members: Account Manager Kasia, Community Manager Kristina and Founder and CEO Lucy Smith in the office (back when we had one!)

Back in October 2018, Lucy Smith launched DigitalGrads to help confused graduates find their way into brilliant first jobs. She created her first training course, hired her first full-time team member and placed two job hunters into exciting roles with local startups!

Flash forward to October 2021 and things are looking a little different!

The full summer 2021 team at our first in-person meeting in Brighton!

DigitalGrads is now a six-person team that’s helped over 175 job hunters find their dream junior roles in tech and media companies across the UK. We’ve released 12 free training courses and worked with hundreds of tech startups, media agencies and big businesses. Not to mention thousands of graduates too!

In September alone we helped 16 job hunters find roles with 14 different startups!

CTO Mike even made a cake!

Now that we’re 3 years old some might say we’re not really a startup anymore. Though that might be true, we’re still committed to helping startups make hiring work for them.

And now that we’re older we’ve started seeing the effects of being in business long-term and we’re very happy.

Where we placed a job hunter into an exciting role months ago, they’ve helped their company grow and are back talking to us, only this time to hire someone else, not be hired.

If you want to find out more about our story we have a great article where we spoke to our very first hire, Caitlin, here.

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