Product Update #11: Taking job adverts to the next level

New Product Update

The big hiring drought of 2020 saw companies close their doors to recruitment, but 2021 is certainly looking up for job hunters. We’re working with more companies than ever before, helping them find amazing junior talent.

Lots of our top candidates that have been hunting for a job for nearly a year now have made their way into employment. And while that’s great for them, we need to keep a steady stream of amazing applicants clicking that apply here button.

We were sending your job descriptions to over 100 job boards to connect you to thousands of applicants. But we’ve decided that we need to turn the dial up on the quantity to really deliver the quality you deserve.

So we now write an engaging job advert for you and send it to over 1,000 job boards across the world.

What does this mean for you?

Before your job goes live on our platform, we now write an exciting advert. This is a condensed version of your job description that’s designed to entice top applicants to apply.

Your adverts will be written to appeal to the top Gen Z and millennial applicants. We use data from our own studies alongside SEO and copywriting tactics to craft a bespoke job advert to entice job hunters to apply.

Once that’s written, we send your new job advert off to top advertisers. We sponsor the adverts to bring in volume and then conduct our tried and tested screening process to bring you the quality you deserve.

We’re already seeing a massive increase in the number of graduate sign-ups which is excellent news. This is because the more top profiles we have ready-made, the quicker your future hiring process will be.

So the more graduate profiles we help make now, the better.

How does it work?

We all know that most applicants don’t read your full job description. So we now write you a condensed job advert that will sit above it on the platform!

This means that candidates can get all of the essential information they need at the very top. But they can also scroll down to get a more detailed view of the role and your company if they want.

We use rhetorical questions, exciting language and keywords to encourage applicants to read through the revamped role responsibilities before listing your enticing company benefits.

We weave your must-haves into the text to ensure that qualified candidates apply and then encourage them to with a punchy call to action and an equal opportunities message.

One example of our new job adverts

This is then sent to our job boards and listed under our company name to ensure that you don’t get bombarded with annoying direct applications.

Job adverts in action on Google

All that work we put into writing the advert with keywords will help us ensure that your job is seen by as many applicants as possible from Google. And there we are, just below Amazon!

If you want to take advantage of our new process to speed up your hiring, sign up and list your vacancy now.

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