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Free Offboarding Checklist  

Make a great final impression and smoothly handover responsibilities.

When 23% of people regret leaving their job, encouraging your top talent to return is just smart.

Download and start using the checklist to help with:

  • Gathering feedback.
  • Handing over responsibilities.
  • Making a great final impression.
  • Calmly and confidently managing offboarding.
  • Preparing to hire again!

23% of people regret quitting their job.

An unprofessional and disorganised offboarding won't help anyone.

A smooth offboarding process will help you make a great final impression and open you up to the possibility of re-hiring your employee down the line. Our free offboarding checklist will help you:

  • Handover responsibilities so your business doesn't suffer.
  • Organise a clear process that leaves a great final impression.
  • Get ready to hire again.