100 Hires: Harry’s story

Harry 100 HIRES

Next on our 100 hires series is Harry Dacres-Dixon, our 50th hire.

After hunting for a graduate job for months, Harry now works in digital marketing.

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“The graduate job hunting experience was disheartening.

“I treated applying for jobs like my full-time job, so it was really disheartening not to hear back from anyone.

“That all changed when I started using DigitalGrads because I wasn’t just filling out all of these horrible applications every day.

“I knew that I wanted to work in social media or marketing and the DigitalGrads team helped me find the right courses to take, find my ‘why’ and improve my skills.

“I took their Search Engine Marketing Training to demonstrate how interested I am in marketing in general.

“After that, it all came together really quickly. I had this one period at the end where I received lots of job offers all at once.

“DigitalGrads were really helpful in helping me decide which job was right for me.

“The team gave me really genuine and kind advice because I was really struggling to choose.

“And even though it wasn’t going to necessarily benefit them, they took the time to be super friendly and helpful. I really appreciate it.

“I chose to work for a digital marketing agency called Cobb Digital as their Paid Social Executive.

“The company has a really nice family feel. My boss is caring and supportive – whether it’s about extra training or mental health. And the team in general are a delight to work with.

“My job is all about social advertising so I work on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Ads, SEO and content too.

“It’s going really well and Cobb is a lovely agency that I would recommend to everyone.

“My role has developed over the months and I’m taking more of a lead role on certain projects and giving ideas.

“I actually won employee of the year last year.

“I’m really happy and feel optimistic about my future. Whatever happens with Covid and things, this has been a great job. I think I will struggle to find a better group of people to work with.

“It’s set me up and been some great experience.”

James Dempster, Managing Director at Cobb Digital on hiring Harry and working with us

“We’ve had two recruits from DigitalGrads and they’ve both been brilliant.

“They’re getting better day by day, with brilliant attitude, skills and desire to learn.

“I would definitely recommend using Lucy and the team at DigitalGrads.”

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