100 Hires: Killian’s story

Killian 100 HIRES

Next on our 100 hires series is Killian O’Brien, our 25th hire.

Killian graduated from his History and Geography degree and managed to upskill his way into a digital marketing role.

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“So it all started with a really terrible interview.

“It was so bad that the recruiters I was working with said that it wasn’t going to work out – that they couldn’t do anything for me. But they told me all about DigitalGrads and that they’re really great at getting people into digital positions.

“So I decided to sign up. I got in contact with Lucy and Kristina and they helped me complete their Search Engine Marketing Training. Then they got me in front of a few employers for some great interviews.

“One of those interviews turned into this job.

“I’ve been working for Tilney Group for a couple of years now as a digital marketing executive.

“When I first joined I was focused on two main things, the first being email marketing. I built and managed a communication plan, writing loads of emails and making on-brand designs.

“My other project was to help the team launch their podcast. They needed someone to record, edit and distribute.

“Two years later that’s still going and we’re about to launch a new podcast too.

“I’m now at the point where I’m handing over email marketing to other people and going on to do web marketing. So I’m looking into HTML, search, content development and all of that now.

“I also spend time sharing my knowledge of search marketing and SEO within the team too, so the DigitalGrads training and my experience has come full circle.

“I didn’t go out looking to work in this sector but I’ve been really grabbed by it.

“There’s a really core human element to investment banking and finance – and I love that.

“I love the challenge of trying to convince people to make long-term investments. It’s taken me on a deep-dive into human behaviour and psychology – it’s so interesting!

“I don’t know what I want to work on next but I still really enjoy my job. I think there’s a lot to do. But I’m excited about the future – there’s lots to work on and fix in the world. It’s an exciting time to be a digital marketer.

“So I need to say thank you to DigitalGrads. I don’t actually know any other organisation that’s doing what they’re doing. I recommend them all the time!

“DigitalGrads is solving an issue that’s so aggravating: there’s no reason why it should be so hard for people to get into digital jobs, but it is.

“The hiring world can be maddening but DigitalGrads are bridging that gap between experience and skills.”

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