Our big 100 hires celebrations


We’re celebrating a big milestone! We’ve helped 100 grads into exciting jobs!

Welcome to the start of our 100 hires celebration series! The DigitalGrads team has been fighting for fair recruitment for a while now and along the way we’ve had a few bumps! Brexit and Covid haven’t been kind to recruitment but despite all of the hardships we’ve helped over 100 graduates into their dream jobs.

And we’re proud of it! So we decided to look back at our milestone hires, get in touch with old friends and have a chat about the graduate job hunting experience.

We reached out to our first-ever hire, our 25th, 50th, 75th and 100th.

Here’s a bit of background on them!

Number 1 – Caitlin Dillon, Social Media at JustBeagle

“DigitalGrads did an awesome job of finding a placement that met my needs as well as the other way around…”

Caitlin was drawn to our free training and marketing roles in the summer between finishing her Psychology in Education degree and starting her Masters in Marketing.

Caitlin took our Social Media Marketing Training and went on to score an amazing social media role at an exciting company!

Now a couple of years later, she’s moved up in the world and now works as a Programmatic Executive.

Find out more about Caitlin’s story here!

Number 25 – Killian O’Brien, Digital Marketing Executive at Tilney Group

“DigitalGrads is solving an issue that’s so aggravating: there’s no reason why it should be so hard for people to get into digital jobs, but it is…”

Killian knew that he wanted to find an exciting digital marketing job, but his methods were not working.

But with a little extra help and training, Killian was quickly hired into his dream role.

Find out about the power of upskilling, the humanity of investment finance and how Killian scored his job here!

Number 50 – Harry Dacres-Dixon, Paid Social Executive at Cobb Digital

“I’m really happy and feel optimistic about my future. Whatever happens with Covid and things, this has been a great job. I think I will struggle to find a better group of people to work with…”

Like most of our grads, Harry found hunting for a job after his degree to be really disheartening.

But all he needed was a little extra training to find his ‘why’, improve his skills and score his dream job in marketing.

Find out how Harry impressed in interviews and earned himself employee of the year at his new job here!

Number 75 – Shona Alfert, Business Development Representative at Cloudflare

“To any job seekers out there – don’t give up hope! You’ll get there…”

Shona came into the job market unsure of what she was looking for. But after seeing one of our job adverts on LinkedIn, she knew it was the perfect role for her.

Our team coached Shona through the interview process, helped her complete some training and score her dream job!

Find out how Shona overcame uncertainty to become a talented international business development professional here!

Number 100 – Matthew O’Brien, QA and Operations Executive at Mobilise

“One of the great things about DigitalGrads is you feel like you’ve got a team of people supplementing your personal job search…”

And finally, Matthew started hunting for a job in 2020, so it’s no surprise that he found it quite hard.

But in the end, his patience paid off.

Matthew now works in his dream QA and Operations role at an exciting tech company.

Find out how perseverance paid off for Matthew here!

I’d like to thank all of our amazing graduates for taking the time to reminisce and chat with us. I’d also like to thank our amazing employers for offering so many exciting entry-level opportunities to our talented grads!

Here’s to the next 100 hires!

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