6 Creative ways to broadcast a job opening and attract the right employees

6 Creative ways to broadcast a job opening and attract the right employees by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Creative ways to attract your next employee

So you need to add a new employee to your team, but you’ve exhausted every avenue trying to find them. Don’t worry, these creative ways to attract employees will help you find your next co-worker.

Firstly, what a nice problem this is to have! This is a sign your business is expanding – congratulations!

But attracting the right talent is a task. That’s why organisations these days reach out to mortgage recruiters and other industry-specific staffing firms to vet and hire ideal candidates on their behalf.  

That’s one way of doing things. But some businesses don’t have the budget to hire recruiting firms. If you fall into this category, this guide reveals some creative ways to broadcast an open position and reach the right candidate.

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Before you do anything, work on your job description 

Compelling job descriptions always grab the attention of the right candidate. Consider these tips to make your description attention-grabbing:

  • Make the title specific
  • Include a captivating summary and give an overview of the role
  • Mention all core skills (soft and technical) required
  • Keep it concise
  • Make sure the description explains the responsibilities expected for the role

If you need any more help writing the perfect job description, we’ve conducted research into what top candidates look for and published our findings here.

6 Ways to broadcast a job opening

Once you have an impeccable job description ready, these are some creative ways to broadcast your job opening and attract new employees.

6 Creative ways to broadcast a job opening and attract the right employees by ROBIN WORRALL on Unsplash

1 – Use an employee referral programme

Your employees could be the best source of attracting qualified candidates from their contact networks.

That’s why lots of organisations have an employee referral program to encourage its employees to refer the best talent.

Lots of companies provide an incentive in the form of a bonus to create excitement around this programme.

2 – Via your company’s career page

If you have a company website, you probably have a career page as well.

You can use this page to add new job opportunities. If you do, remember to include the job description, compensation, benefits, and other necessary information a job seeker would be invested in. And give them insight into the company’s culture so that they can make a decision there and then.

3 – Use the power of social media

Loads of professional organisations are using their social media accounts to broadcast job openings.

Through this medium of advertising, you can target the right candidate and grab the attention of passive candidates who already like/follow your social media platforms.

Among all the social media networks, LinkedIn is the most powerful place to connect with candidates. It allows you to advertise all open roles and share them with your network.

Apart from organic posts, you can also use paid job postings to promote the open position and reach potential candidates.

To speed up the application process, you can allow the candidates to apply directly using their profiles.

Make sure you add a short link to the job listing so that the interested candidates can visit the link and learn more about the job, the role, compensation, and other benefits.

And ask your colleagues to share this status to spread the word and reach a broader audience!

4 – Would you like a job advert along with the 8 o’clock news?

Using your local radio station is an untapped way of finding talent, but it works wonders especially if you are operating in a remote area.

Call your local radio station and tell them about the role you’re advertising for. Make sure to ask them to mention your contact info.

Some radio shows don’t even ask for remuneration for a quick mention like this.

This is a perfect opportunity to tap into local passive talent that is not actively seeking an opportunity but is willing to try a new role.

You might be surprised at how much interest this generates!

5 – Sponsor your jobs

Job listing portals let you post a sponsored job, which is where you pay to give your job listing more visibility.

The listing will appear higher up on the page when candidates search relevant for roles. So you have a higher chance of finding qualified applicants.

What’s the harm in spending a little money when it can bring you a qualified candidate, right?

6 – Go all-out with a billboard

Okay, not all businesses can afford to broadcast a job opening via billboard ads, but if you can, go for it.

It’s similar to other forms of ads, but it lets you target the passive candidates who are interested but not searching for a job opportunity actively. 

The goal is to grab the attention of talented candidates while they are driving to work.

Save this method for the times when other forms of ads fail to bring you the talent you need. Because let’s be real, billboard ads are expensive.

Summing Up

Finding creative ways to attract new employees is not everyone’s cup of tea. You must be persistent and willing to think out of the box. 

If you want to take the pain out of broadcasting an open position, searching for candidates, and then screening them, you can always reach out to manufacturing staffing agencies or the experts at DigitalGrads.

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