Do’s and don’ts for hiring managers looking to attract top talent

do's and don'ts for hiring managers

Attracting the top talent can be tricky, but these do’s and don’ts for hiring managers will help you capture their attention

These do’s and don’ts will help hiring managers hold the attention of their top talent – hopefully for long enough to have your job offer letter accepted!

You know that it’s vital that you stay in your top applicant’s good books. If you don’t, you risk losing your ideal employee to your competitors.

Having a recruitment strategy will help you market your company to the top talent – while racing through the hiring process.

These do’s and don’ts for hiring managers will help you through all stages of the recruitment process. Let’s get started.

DO spend time on the job description

Often, people looking to hire fall at the very first hurdle.

If you don’t spend enough time perfecting your job description, you will lose out.

Contrary to what you may believe, some applicants do actually read the job description! And these candidates tend to have the best attention to detail and knowledge of the role they’re applying for. They will know if they have the skills to get the job.

So they’re going to be your top candidates.

If you want any insight into what top juniors look for in job descriptions, we conducted some research and published this article with our findings.

DON’T ignore the job description details

It’s easy to download a free template from the internet and not think twice about the job you’re hiring for. But when you do this – or copy someone else’s job description for that matter – it can be obvious.

But I know that you’re busy, so here’s the top things to include:

  • The day to day responsibilities
  • Details about progression and training opportunities
  • A clear salary, preferably in a band
  • Details about benefits
  • A few lines about your company

And if you need any extra help writing your job description, we’ve got you covered.

DO test your shortlisted applicants

A great way to keep your applicants engaged and excited is to give them a test.

The key is to make the application task a good one. The best way to do this is to re-visit your job description. You want to create a quick task that takes less than a couple of hours to complete and that is relevant to the role responsibilities.

Ask them to complete a mock customer call, write emails or create some content.

DON’T rely on experience over skill

Your top applicants might not have years of experience listed on their CV, but they will be great at the task you set.

So many hiring managers prioritise experience over skill, leaving their most capable applicants in the rejected pile.

The truth is, lots of talented candidates haven’t had the chance to prove themselves in the workplace yet. So if you’re hiring for a junior role (especially an internship), please don’t count out the less experienced!

I’d recommend sending the task to as many applicants as you can. You might be surprised at who comes out on top.

do's and don'ts for hiring managers

DO keep engaging

Even if things are taking some extra time, it’s important to be as transparent and open as possible with your candidates.

I’d really recommend responding to emails and returning phone calls when you can – your top applicants will probably be the most eager to hear from you!

A little bit of communication can go a long way – it can make someone want to work with you! As a hiring manager you really are the face of the business for candidates.

If your top applicants get the impression that your company is friendly, communicative, organised and interested in them, you’re on to a winner.

DON’T go silent

I know that lots of things can go wrong when it comes to hiring. And for smaller businesses, one issue can create a ripple effect.

So if your top client backs out of a deal, your hiring partner catches the flu or your funding doesn’t come through – don’t panic.

The worst thing that you can do is go silent. So please, explain any issues to your top candidates and give them a time they can expect to hear from you again.

Constant communication really is key. And keeping candidates warm can help you a few weeks down the line when you’re ready to start hiring again.

DO move fast

The last thing you need is to fall at the last hurdle.

The people performing well in your interviews could very well be impressing in others.

The best way to hire top candidates is to get on with it. Because if they end up pulling out of the process at the last minute, you’re going to be back at square 1.

A good way to fast track your process is to have your job offer letter ready to send. Our free downloadable Job Offer Letter Template will help you impress fast.

DON’T neglect process

But saying that, even if you fall in love with one candidate at the first interview, please don’t neglect process!

Your gut instinct can be wrong.

Hiring should always be based on facts, not feelings. You’re looking for the most skilled and suitable candidate, not the most chatty one.

I’d always recommend sticking to the process: task, first interview and second interview. Then have a colleague check your decision before sending that job offer letter.

Your top candidate could just be the top faker.

DO ask the experts

And finally, please know that hiring doesn’t have to be this tricky.

You can outsource all of the dirty work like sifting through applicants, creating a shortlist and sending out tasks to the experts.

I hope that these do’s and don’ts for hiring managers help you employ the best candidates for your needs. But if you want to simplify the process, sign up to DigitalGrads and hire the top candidates before it’s too late.

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