Why you should hire graduates for your digital marketing vacancy

Why you should hire graduates for your digital marketing vacancy by MD Duran on Unsplash

Why should you choose to hire graduates into your marketing team?

If you’re looking to hire the ‘dream team’ for your marketing department and you’re ignoring graduates, you’re seriously missing a trick.

To make your marketing team work well you need to hire people with a good mix of skills. Experience within the team is always good but sometimes it pays to look to youth, especially when building a presence in the digital marketplace.

So why does this approach make sense?

Graduates are more tech savvy

The younger demographic has spent more of their life using technology, and so are more knowledgeable and conversant with the latest apps and ways of communicating.

This means that their efficiency and productivity in digital marketing is really high. Their familiarity helps them achieve more than the average older experienced businessperson who has only interacted with Facebook, for example.

This running start will seriously help you when it comes to training. You want your new hire to get off to a flying start.

When you hire a graduate to manage social media marketing, you will be able to spend more time coaching the graduate on other aspects of the business instead of teaching them the basics.

They speak social media

Having a younger person’s point of view is very important – and it’s vital when your company is targeting a Gen Z market.

Graduates know the lingo! They’re already knowledgeable on what techniques work and what attracts consumers because they’re already your ideal consumer!

The language of social media is constantly changing. You’re going to need to employ someone already in that world if you want your company to keep up. Your Gen Z audience is using slang terms like ‘DM’ (direct message), ‘TBT’ (throwback Tuesday) or ‘BTS’ (behind the scenes) all the time. This language might sound silly but it’s a powerful tool in business!

This is where many older employees may not understand and will fall behind. A graduate can resonate with an audience a lot better as they are not only very familiar with the terms but know the latest trends and how to generate interest.

They’re still in university mode

Graduates still in university mode are eager, ready to learn and get going fast.

If they’ve done a marketing degree they will hopefully be well-grounded and know about a variety of digital marketing topics. They will have fresh consistent practice of applying their knowledge, analytical thinking and evidence into writing.

This means all latest practices and know-how – from marketing terminology to strategy and platforms – will be brought into the organisation.

They’re flexible

Grads are open minded to ideas and adaptable. They don’t have much experience with other companies and so they will be more open and accepting to change.

They are highly aware of the need to constantly learn and grow.

Looking for low-risk recruitment?

If you make the wrong recruitment decisions, it can lead to a big loss.

With a graduate you can test their abilities before you commit. Take advantage of paid internships and placements to try out candidates and see if a certain type of person fits your company.

This way you are able to see if you truly want to offer them a position. So at the end of the process, there will be little to financial loss or a waste of resources.

Grads inject enthusiasm

And finally, the most obvious reason to hire graduates into your marketing team: they’re young!

I know I’m stating the obvious here but graduates have so much natural optimism and enthusiasm. This is their first proper job! Of course they’re going to be excited.

Their fresh perspective brings lots of new ideas. Ultimately, this energy they bring can lift the mood of the whole team.

At DigitalGrads we really believe that grads are a valuable resource. So if you’re looking to invigorate your marketing team with talented graduates, sign up today!

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