How to boost staff morale in the winter lockdown

How to boost staff morale in the winter lockdown by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

As a boss it’s your job to support your staff and boost morale in the brutal winter lockdown

We’ve already gone on about how important supporting your employee mental health is in this brutal winter lockdown, but what about staff morale? Morale is all about team spirit and enthusiasm – and it’s something hard to boost when working from home.

But just because you’re working from home does not mean that you can’t foster a great team morale.

1 – Remember to celebrate the wins

Celebrating company, team and individual wins has never been more important. It seems like we’re getting constantly bombarded with bad news, so celebrating any good news is vital.

And as a boss your word is paramount. So remember to be thankful and enthusiastic!

You can celebrate your staff in lots of different ways. Just saying thanks can be big, but a company-wide commendation is a nice way to signal boost success stories. Go one step further and send a personalised note or small gift to their homes – if they’re really making a difference, they deserve real thanks.

Taking the time to celebrate with your team will bring you all closer together. It will help you foster a sense of team enthusiasm and community.

2 – Spend some time together

Nothing makes me feel less alone than spending some good quality time with someone. Why not schedule in some time to chat with your team? Take work off the cards and really have a conversation with the people that you work with.

If you’ve hired during the pandemic, this is really crucial. Your new co-workers could be feeling quite alone, but you might not have any idea because you’ve only spoken to them about work!

How to boost staff morale in the winter lockdown

Taking an hour out of your Friday afternoon to have a good old fashioned chin wag is a natural thing to do at the office. Your whole team is probably alone for most hours of the day, so bring back the one good thing about the office: the off-topic chatting.

This is a quick way to make all of your employees feel less alone. It should instantly boost morale among your staff and you never know – you might feel closer to them after it too!

3 – Plan for life after the horrors of 2020

The show must go on! It’s easy to get caught up in just trying to survive, but what if you planned to thrive next year?

It might not be all that realistic, but it will do wonders for your mood. Being hopeful about the future is something that many of us lost this year, but it can’t get any worse than this (I hope).

Make some big plans for the future and share them with your team. Get everyone on board, excited and focused on new goals. If you have the luxury of taking your business out of survival mode – take advantage of it!

Maybe your plans include tripling revenue, finishing up a big business-changing project and hiring new passionate co-workers. Do you have the resources to do all of that? You should check out DigitalGrads.

We take care of all the hiring dirty work, sifting through CVs, screening applicants and arranging interviews so that you can keep focused on what you’re good at: growing your business. If you want to quickly hire a talented junior for 2021, sign up today.

Taking the time to boost staff morale isn’t a hard task, but it is something that you should consider dedicating some time to in the coming winter lockdown.

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