Planning the office Christmas party in 2020

Planning the office Christmas party in 2020 by Eugene Zhyvchik on Unsplash

If you’re a small business owner you definitely have the advantage when planning your 2020 office Christmas party

We all know things are a bit up in the air in regards to Covid-19 restrictions, but who doesn’t love a good office Christmas party? In 2020 it’s definitely an advantage to be a small business owner as your team may be able to easily meet.

Even though 2020 has taught us that our future plans can easily be dashed at any moment, I really recommend taking the time to plan a festive, fun Christmas celebration this year. Not only will this boost team morale, but hopefully you’ll be able to say see-ya to one of the worst years for business together.

We finished off the plans for our 2020 office Christmas party last week and we’re all really excited. Even though we didn’t find too many issues along the way (we only have 5 UK team members), we thought we would help you plan the Christmas party you deserve.

1 – Plan A (Optimism)

Now imagine that you’re not worrying about whether lockdown will be extended. In your ideal world, how would you celebrate Christmas?

Let’s brainstorm

The DigitalGrads team has decided to meet up for some drinks and a nice meal in December, but you could go one step further for your team. Hiring out a space and going all-out with decorations, fancy dress and secret santa might be more your style.

Things to remember

As long as your team has 6 people or less, you can really come up with anything you want. But if your business is on the bigger side, you might have to put some more thought into any in-person plans you make.

Consider splitting your team into separate groups or hosting a bigger virtual celebration another time.

Be sure to finalise your bookings and ensure that you’re staying up-to-date with the news. You never know, the 10pm curfew could move to 5pm in December and ruin all of our plans.

Planning the office Christmas party in 2020

2 – Plan B (Pessimism)

And onto the boring end of the party planning: the virtual celebration.

As a business owner, I’m sure you know how important it is to have a plan B. So just in case the worst happens, you can still get merry with your team.

We’re all sick of Zoom calls, so let’s make sure that your virtual office Christmas party is still a good one.

Let’s brainstorm

You can still have a jolly time over Zoom if you plan things right. The basic components of a good time are food, tipple and friends. So have a think about whether you would rather foot a takeaway bill from everyone or order something to come to them.

A fun cocktail-making kit complete with alcohol and mixers, a pizza-making party or a decadent hot chocolate kit will always be crowd pleasers.

Decide whether you want to set up an office-wide secret santa and get creative. Let loose, this year has been hard. You deserve it.

Things to remember

There are still some technicalities to think of when planning a virtual get together. Remember to schedule in enough time and let everyone know your plans well in advance.

Be sure to give everyone the equipment they need to have a good time. Whether that means shipping some extra earphones, cringey Christmas jumpers or crackers is up to you.

While we’re looking ahead to Christmas, the new year and a (hopefully) brighter year for business… have you put any thoughts into expanding your team? If you’re looking to find a bright, talented junior hire for your big 2021 business plans, look no further!

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