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Free Daily Stand-Up Meeting 

Help your new employee to feel confident speaking up in morning meetings with this free worksheet.

Download and start using the worksheet to help with:

  • Advanced meeting preparation and planning.
  • Confidence speaking-up in meetings.
  • Learning the stand-up format.
  • How to take an active part in a meeting.

Feeling confident in meetings is essential, but where do you start?

Speaking up in team meetings can be intimidating for new hires.

Your new employee isn't going to be happy if they don't feel comfortable and heard in meetings. Help them feel like part of the team from the first day with our free Daily Stand-Up Meeting Worksheet.

  • Introduce your new hire to the stand-up meeting format.
  • Help them feel valuable within the team from their first morning meeting.
  • Minimise confusion, anxiety and stress by helping them plan what to say.