Why interview feedback is so important for your company

why is interview feedback important for my company

Giving great interview feedback is so important for your hiring process. Here’s why…

Have you ever slacked off at the interview feedback stage of hiring? We all know it’s an important thing for your company to do, but it’s easy to go full steam ahead with the candidate you’re excited about. Before you know it, the others that have put their time and effort into your company are being forgotten.

Here are the top reasons why your company needs to dedicate some time to giving interview feedback

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1 – It’s polite

We all remember the days when we were scrawny kids applying for our dream jobs. Every interview felt like a massive thing that I had to tell everyone about.

This feeling doesn’t go away as you get older. You’ve probably experienced it quite recently. Triple-checking your cover letter, sending an email that you agonised over for 30 minutes and the rush of answering the phone.

Now imagine you put your heart and soul into an interview process like that… and hear nothing back.

As the days go on, you get more stressed. More anxious. Maybe they need more time? Maybe they’ve found someone else?

We’ve all been ghosted by employers and it’s just not fair. Don’t be one of the bad guys.

2 – It could come back to bite you

Remember that feeling of wanting to tell everyone you’ve ever met about a job interview? Some candidates actually do that.

So when you ghost them and don’t give them their all-important interview feedback, it’s not only them you’re disappointing. It’s their friends, family and network.

When a candidate has a bad experience, they talk about it. With anyone that will listen.

Pretty soon everyone in their life – and on their social media – will know about how your company treats its dedicated applicants.

Besides, down the line you might be looking for this exact candidate for another role. Or maybe one of their friends. Burning your bridges with silence is not a good way to start a working relationship.

3 – It’s valuable for you, too

No matter the size of your business, you need to make sure that you’re dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s. Reflecting on your hiring experience will help you become a more efficient recruiter in the long-run, so looking back at every interview is a great idea.

Maybe there was a commonality in the unsuccessful applicants: were they too junior? Too focused on one aspect of the role? Did they all stumble at the same interview question?

Often their failure is a reflection of your process: was your job advert vague? Did it focus on one aspect of the role too much? Was your interview style confusing?

After doing some self-reflection, be sure to send off that feedback email and then ask for their thoughts in return. They’ve just experienced your hiring process first-hand, so any thoughts they have are going to be valuable.

Now you’ve dished out your important interview feedback, is your company ready to hire again?

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