Work from home: how the ‘new normal’ can boost your workplace diversity

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The 2020 work from home surge could be your opportunity to boost your workplace diversity

Even though some of us are still just trying to survive the catastrophe that is 2020, it’s worth thinking about what areas of your business can thrive in these challenging times. The world of work has been forever changed by that last few months. Bringing your laptop onto the sofa, taking a break to hug your pets and comfy clothes are just the tip of the WFH benefits iceberg. Your workplace diversity could get a huge boost from the change to work from home too.

Work from home benefits: how diversity is affected by the ‘new normal’

Near, far, wherever you are…

Remote work is a game-changer for recruitment – believe me, I work for a hiring platform and we’ve seen a shift. As more companies open permanently remote roles, the location barriers that kept amazing candidates from applying to work at your company have been thrown out.

And if your company is based in London, you’re really going to feel a positive impact. So many great candidates just can’t afford to move and work in the city, but now they don’t have to.

Your co-workers could be joining the morning meeting from a pool in Santorini and it wouldn’t matter (as long as the mimosas didn’t start until after 5pm UK time).

The socioeconomic barriers on inner city hiring have been removed, hopefully for good. The new mix of personalities and experiences should help your company relate to a wider audience.

work from home diversity

Once more, you open the door…

Let’s open those metaphorical doors to a surge in recruitment that’s not hindered by inaccessible offices! Let’s open ourselves up to hiring truly diverse, talented people – especially if they’re disabled.

Only 53.6% of the UK’s disabled population are in work as of this summer. But why should we hold opportunities back from capable people that could help your company thrive?

By allowing your co-workers to work from home, you instantly become a more accessible company to work for. Your employees don’t have to negotiate flights of stairs, they get to work in an environment that’s already adapted to their needs.

My heart will go on and on…

This Celine Dion gag is getting old now… but remote working isn’t.

Every year, millions of new parents have to renegotiate their lives around their children. Many end up taking time off work to stay at home and look after their kids.

Now I’m not suggesting that maternity and paternity leave are outdated, I’m simply saying that flexible working can suit the lifestyles that many new parents already have.

This also extends beyond parenthood: lots of people give up their careers to care for a loved one. They can’t work a 9-5, commute to the office and take care of their families, but when the office is their home they don’t have to choose.

So their careers, much like our hearts, will be able to go on and on.

Your Zoom meetings look a little sparse, is it time to add some diversity and hire some new work from home superstars?

You’ve come to the right place. Our talent pool reaches across the UK and is one of the most diverse there is. Sign up today to advertise your role and get to hiring!

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