Why you should stop hiring for culture fit

Why you should stop hiring for culture fit by Javier Quesada on Unsplash

Hiring for culture fit can seem like a great idea, but it can quickly turn your workplace sour. Here’s why you should stop…

A message to all employers: stop hiring for culture fit. I understand that it’s an easy thing to do, but you could be sabotaging your own business.

That might be a little dramatic, but I do believe that cultural fit is valued too much in our hiring world today. As much as you want to work with your friends, I believe you need to be actively looking for people who you wouldn’t be friends with.

I don’t mean that you should hire nasty people, just that you should be looking to introduce some difference in your workplace. When you value skills, experiences and practical ability over personality, you end up with a better team.

Still not convinced? Here’s why you should re-think your recruitment.

1 – You’re not hiring for diversity

When you hire for cultural fit above all else, you end up with a team of the same people. Everyone has a similar personality, background and outlook. Working with people who look and think like you might be fun, but it can be really detrimental. Not to mention discriminatory.

You’re lacking diversity of thought

Diversity of thought is essential for any successful business. Your team need to solve problems, and diverse teams excel at this.

If everyone in the room comes from a similar social, educational and career background, they’re going to look at things in a similar way. This means that your team could get stuck on problems because they just don’t know what to do.

When you introduce different people with vastly different lives into the mix, your problems will be solved much faster.

2 – You’re not being inclusive

When you create a homogeneous workplace, you create one that’s not inclusive. Inclusivity is just as important as diversity.

Sometimes the words can be used interchangeably, but inclusivity is all about the support structures that are there to help your team.

If you don’t invest in inclusivity, the next ‘different’ person you employ on a whim will be stuck working with people that don’t understand them, don’t make space for them and don’t support them.

You can’t have one without the other, so be ready to welcome and support your new diverse team so that they can thrive.

3 – It makes you sloppy

Hiring for culture fit usually comes down to gut instinct. You interview someone once and absolutely love them. Why wouldn’t you fast track the long hiring process if you’re sure you’ve found the one?

But hiring this way is super dangerous. The process is there for a reason!

Often when you hire like this, you’re leaving the success of your business to chance. Your gut could be right and they could be a perfect fit… or your new hire could have applied to this job on a whim and charmed their way into your heart with no intention of staying with your company long-term.

We recommend going through with the usual hiring process. Give them a test, two interviews and really consider your options. You never who else will apply for the job.

When you stop hiring for culture fit above all else, you surround yourself with diverse, talented and skilled people. You might not want to meet them at the pub for a pint on a Friday, but you just might boost productivity and profit.

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