How to plan an effective induction process

How to plan an effective induction process by Marten Bjork on Unsplash

Recruiting a new hire is a costly endeavour but curating an effective induction process plan is your best money-saving strategy

The induction process introduces new employees to your company and their role. It is an essential part of recruitment that begins with the job offer and ends months down the line. It’s a multi-faceted endeavour that requires a strategic plan. Neglecting it can cost time and resources weeks on.

If you’re looking to make this process a whole lot less painful, download our free Office Induction Checklist or Remote Induction Checklist.

What is an induction?

Not to be confused with on-boarding, the induction is centred on technical employment details like paperwork and introducing the new hire to their responsibilities. Hence: induction. On-boarding is the process of integrating the new employee in your company culture. Companies dedicate time to getting their new hire on board with the business and their co-workers. Hence: on-boarding.

Below are the essential components of creating an effective induction process plan.

The job offer

Making a job offer can seem like a simple thing, but it has to be done the right way. We’ve written a whole blog post about creating the perfect job offer but shortly after it is accepted, consider sending:

  • The employee handbook
  • Copies of their contract
  • Details including start date, benefits, parking and uniform

When employers take the time to send these things as early as possible, the new employee feels welcomed and wanted. The reasoning behind running an effective induction process is to give the new hire a positive image of their new company, so start as early as you can.

Prepare for their first day

The first day is crucial as it sets the tone for the whole period of employment. Planning your new employee’s first day is an easy way to ensure that the welcoming process isn’t overwhelming and complicated. Be sure to schedule in:

  • Meetings with team members and the boss
  • Time to ensure all paperwork is completed
  • Health and safety introductions
  • A tour of the office and information about equipment

Have your new employee’s company accounts set up so they can have a tour of your systems in their time between induction activities.

Make a checklist

Although our employers get access to our induction templates, we recommend all companies create a standard induction checklist. This ensures that you don’t forget the little things like key cards, HR information and workstation set-up.

Prepare for the future

Be sure to prepare for the next few weeks while you can. Arranging probation meetings, training courses and targets ensures that your new co-worker stays focused and organised in this crucial time.

Looking for more help? The DigitalGrads New Employee Pack contains everything you need to make inducting a new hire quick and simple. We’ve created letter templates, meeting handouts, induction checklists and day plans to help our loyal employers take on new hires. Sign up today to make your job posting and gain access to our unique resources.

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