Tackling unconscious bias with Cubaka

Cubaka case study

Introduction: working with a social media powerhouse

The team at Cubaka know a thing or two about growth. The multi-award winning social media agency has been building its stellar reputation for the past decade through its dedication to innovative marketing. Its impressive success record has been causing quite the stir. As more eyes have been turning to Cubaka, its management have had to make some changes.

The small London-based team was finding it impossible to manage their ever-growing client list, so they turned to DigitalGrads for help.

The challenge: growing pains

In the world of social media everything happens fast and Cubaka’s growth is no exception. Recruitment on the other hand, is a different story – it can sometimes take months to find the right person to hire. That’s where DigitalGrads came in.

The standard hiring process is one hell of a faff – it’s advertising, shortlisting, interviewing and testing stages are not built for efficiency. But at DigitalGrads we like to do things differently. We set Cubaka up with account access and let them do the talking. They advertised their role and we got to work preparing them for the future.

Cubaka case study

Our approach: blind hiring techniques

We took a leaf out of Cubaka’s book and decided to take a risk with a new blind hiring process. Traditional hiring favours those that have experience, but our new method is all about what candidates can do, not what they have done. To ensure that everyone is offered an equal chance, the candidates are tasked with creating a project before meeting employers and crucially the employer chooses the best tasks without knowing who the applicant is.

 “Your merit should be the work you’re producing…” – Kasia, DG Account Manager

Our applicants created a presentation to showcase their skills to Cubaka. The only catch? It had to be completely anonymous: no names or hints, just their best work. This ensured that every applicant had a fair shot at the role.

 “Often juniors are overlooked for account management roles because of their lack of experience, but we find many possess the natural ability to do it if given the chance.” – Lucy, DG CEO

Whether they had years of experience or nothing at all, every applicant got the chance to send their best work to the employer – and the team at Cubaka loved it. They picked their favourite presentations and began the process of meeting their top 5 superstar applicants.

Conclusion: a relationship built to last

“As a recruiter we have a responsibility to push for diversity…” – Kasia, DG Account Manager

In the end, our push for fair hiring paid off. Cubaka considered practical ability above all else and hired a talented graduate Account Executive through our platform.

“The high-pressure world of marketing and advertising isn’t for everyone so we need to be rigorous in our approach to recruitment. DigitalGrads are consistently savvy and determined to match the right candidates to our needs…” – Simon Rutherford, Cubaka Managing Director

Since taking on their new hire, Cubaka’s success has only continued. Their client list has received that essential attention it needed to continue growing. They have worked with big brands like Lidl, Virgin Trains and Whole Earth and returned to make three more hires using the DigitalGrads team this year.

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