The best second interview questions to ask candidates

How to conduct a meaningful second interview with innovative questions for your candidates

Second interviews are powerful, but only when you ask your candidates the right questions. This is your opportunity to discover everything you can about them, including whether they are the right fit for the role or not.

We’ve listed our favourite questions that really get the most out of every candidate – believe me, as a recruitment platform we know our stuff.

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Why conduct a second interview?

Additional interviews often differ hugely to the first and become more of an open, two-way conversation. They can help you:

  • Ask more probing questions to assess skill level, experience and consistency in answers.
  • Discover if candidates will be a good fit for your company culture.
  • Trust your instincts by bringing in another interviewer for a second opinion.
  • Sell the role – the best candidates are snapped up like free pizza slices, so you need to spend some time explaining why the role is perfect for them.

The best second interview questions to ask candidates

If you’re leading the interview again the last thing you want is to ask the same questions.

The best second interview questions to ask candidates

1 – What role do you usually play in a team?

This question will put your candidate to the test. Even if they have an already-prepared answer, they will have to have practiced some self-awareness and reflection skills.

You know what your team needs. If your candidate reveals that they’re usually in a leadership position and you’re looking for a supportive, loyal collaborator, they may not be the candidate for you.

2 – What are your long term career goals?

In every interview you’re keeping an eye out for high performer candidates, and this question always reveals them. A personal question such as this brings out personality: you’ll learn about their ambitions and skills very quickly.

If their future doesn’t match up with your company it’s a red flag. They could be a flaky job hopper and leave your organisation within a year to pursue their ideal role.

3 – How would you spend your first weeks in this role?

This question will quickly reveal the candidates with a passion for the job. They will have ideas for improving strategy already and that’s just what you’re looking for: big ideas and goals.

4 – Why do you want to work for us?

If you haven’t already asked a question like this what are you waiting for? This question is a tried-and-tested favourite because it works, it reveals the passionate researchers and the lazy candidates.

Their answers will hopefully include ideas about their opportunities at the company long-term.

5 – Do you have any new questions about the role?

When you’re coming to the end of the interview it’s time to make sure that the candidate knows exactly what they’re signing up for. The best candidates will still have curious questions, but don’t be too surprised if someone has a fundamental query about the role. Misunderstandings can happen often – it’s best to clear everything up in the early stages.

This is a great time to discuss things like salary, start dates and dress code if you think this candidate might be the one for you.

The best second interview questions to ask candidates

Hopefully these interview questions will reveal your ideal candidates, but sometimes you can be left with no one you trust enough to hire.

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