5 simple steps to improve tech company culture

5 ways to foster a fantastic, productive culture in your tech company

Every tech business thrives with a positive, strong company culture. It is an invaluable asset that breeds productivity, happiness and profit.

All people work best when they are happy, valued and safe, and as an employer it is your job to ensure that your employees feel this way with a great company culture. This has to be something we are always working on. Many employers only focus on whether applicants will fit into their company culture at interviews and not on whether they can improve it.

Your people are your strongest asset, and these 5 tips will turn any dreary team into a productive powerhouse in no time.

1 – Communication

We know it’s obvious, but communication is key. Remote working has really highlighted the necessity of proper communication in business, so we know that you’ve already got the basics down.

But it’s not just about having a morning meeting every day. Communication must come with transparency at all levels: your entire team from juniors to management must feel comfortable communicating with each other. This means that juniors need to feel able to voice their ideas even when they conflict with those from more senior team members.

So many companies don’t take the time to foster transparency and lose out because of it. So encourage open criticism, team working and problem solving.

Ensure that your team is using modern communication tools like Slack that are built for the way you’re working now.

2 – Collaboration

On a similar note, collaboration across all teams is vital to the success of every small tech company. It shows your employees that their ideas are trusted and critical to company success.

By inviting collaborative working your team will become more efficient, solving problems and completing projects much quicker. Your employees will feel valued and less like a cog in the machine.

3 – Call on your management

Improving company culture should always be a top priority for everyone on your team, especially your management. People work so much better when they feel valued and that they’re doing well, so it is vital that supervisors recognise and show appreciation for their co-workers.

4 – Company values

By adopting or referring to company values, you can create a positive drive across your team. Values such as kindness, charity, freedom, creativity and innovation are incredibly powerful to call on. If your team is constantly thinking about how they can work towards your company values, they will be driven to enjoy their work as it has a purpose.

5 – Ask!

You are working within a team of bright, powerful people – or so we would hope – so use them to your advantage. Ensure that you are constantly getting feedback from your employees and asking how you can improve.

Once you’ve received that feedback, make changes!

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