Recruitment strategies in a recession: how to adapt

How do you manage your recruitment during an uncertain, unprofitable recession?

The last few months have been a shock to the system for every business. Companies have seen an economic slowdown across the board as shops have closed and thousands of people have been furloughed. Now that we’re settling into this ‘new normal’ and businesses are beginning to edge their way back to recruitment, how should hiring strategies adapt to our recession reality?

Look at your internal mobility

Before you think about advertising for new roles, consider taking a look at what your company can offer. This could mean analysing whether someone already on your payroll could take up the position, but it also covers a lot more.

It’s easy to focus on survival but just scraping by is not enough. People want to join companies that value and invest in their development, so be sure to scrutinise whether your business encourages employee growth.

Are your current employees encouraged to grow their skills and face new challenges? We know that you treat your team well, but focusing on their growth is vital in a recession: you could find yourself holding down the fort on your own.

Evaluate your process

Is your hiring process costing you excess time, money and resources? It’s time to evaluate. You could find yourself with a smaller team, budget and temper while hiring in a recession, so it’s a good idea to evaluate your recruiment strategies.

Consider delegating the responsibility of hiring to an external company, like DigitalGrads. Our recruitment service is designed for efficiency and especially adapted to thrive in the current climate. If you’re looking for a talented junior, you’ve come to the right place.

Be realistic

It’s easy to copy and paste your old job ad, but times have changed. The role might be completely different now, so take some time to figure out what the it will look like. Some old skills can even be irrelevant. Consider taking some time to evaluate what the role will actually include to ensure that your new hire won’t be shocked on their first day.

Expect more applicants

Thousands of people are being laid off every day, so be sure to expect more applicants than normal. Every job posting is receiving more attention right now so deciding where, when and how you advertise is paramount.

Your team could end up spending much more time than anticipated reviewing applications, so consider outsourcing the work to a recruitment company. At DigitalGrads we do all the dirty work for you, screening and shortlisting candidates so that your team can get back to their work.

Screen for soft skills

If Covid-19 has taught us anything, it’s that every business needs to be adaptable. This means that hiring flexible people is more important than ever and although the over-qualified candidate is tempting, they might lack the soft skills they need to work in the ‘new-normal’.

We don’t have to tell you that the candidates with more experience need less training, but we are going to highlight the importance of soft skills. These are the things you can’t teach and they’re incredibly important to look out for when recruiting in a recession.

Soft skills:

  • Growth potential
  • Curiosity
  • Problem-solving
  • Communication
  • Self-starter attitude
  • Organisation

Consider sending out an ability test that focuses on the soft skills you believe are essential. Candidates can always develop their technical skills but they can’t change their personality.

Those over-qualified applicants can also be quick to grow bored and leave their roles, so be wary. Recruiting in a recession is enough of a stress without having to do it over again in a few months’ time when your new hire leaves.

Want to test out your new recession recruitment strategies? Check out our unique recruitment platform today!

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