Product Update #6: Profile builder

New Product Update

Since lockdown began we’ve been seeing a steady surge in graduate sign-ups to our platform. This is great as it means more candidates for you, but it also means a lot of work for our small team. Our techys have been coding-away, creating a completely new profile builder for our applicants. One that is intuitive, and is far more than a simple form-filling exercise, something the candidates hate!

What does this mean for you?

It means we get to remove a large bottleneck in our organisation so that we can now dedicate more time to helping you find your new co-worker. We also gain much richer data from the candidates to help you make confident hiring decisions. We can spend more time curating shortlists, arranging interviews and making new training courses, you get to know the candidates better, and the candidates get autonomy over their profile.

Candidates now have full control over their profiles, which means you can see their communication skills first hand. They will be answering questions, and psychometrics and inputting their data to create a fantastic profile that shows you their best bits.

Finally, we hope that this new feature will encourage even more engagement from our grads. They will be more involved in the whole process so with this new responsibility we expect to see higher engagement.

How does it work?

All new and existing candidates will now see a timeline prompt when they log in. To apply for jobs, grads now have to enter their work and education history in their ‘timeline’.

Although timelines are customisable, they have been standardised for easy comparison. Sifting through CVs that are all different is time-consuming and means it’s hard to make accurate comparisons or shortlisting decisions.

This new feature should improve our turnaround, making applicants live and searchable much faster. To see the profile builder in action, log on to our hiring platform and take a look at some profiles – we know you’ll love how they look.

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