Why diversity in tech is so important

Why a diverse workforce is crucial for your tech company’s success

We all know that diversity is the right thing to do but it can have a real positive, measurable impact on your tech business, too.

Diversity covers many areas: gender, race, ethnicity, age, sexuality, religion and socioeconomics, but you don’t need a huge team to cover the bases. More and more tech companies of every size are actively recruiting a diverse workforce to improve the way they work, and here’s why you should too.

Diverse teams do better work

Tech companies exist to solve problems, so you need a team that doesn’t get stuck on them. The diversity of thought that comes from employing a wide, inclusive team incites productivity and creation.

Employing a diverse workforce includes hiring people from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. Every person brings something new to the team – the more different their experiences, the more different their thinking. When teams are small, problems are big. Issues automatically become smaller when there is a diverse range of clever brains working together.

Diverse teams build better products

Inclusive teams tend to be more creative and innovative, and isn’t that what tech is all about? We all remember the Face ID fiasco and now know that employing a diverse team makes for better products. When products are built by diverse teams, they appeal to and help more people.

Diverse teams are more innovative

When you’re working in tech it’s your job to disrupt the status quo. What better way to create change than by employing a diverse team? Fresh perspectives are amazing for coming up with new solutions and breeding dissent – both of these are crucial for being a successful tech company. Dissent leads to upheaval, innovation and better creation.

Diverse teams promote inclusion

As an employer, hiring a diverse team is critical. It promotes a sense of belonging in all of your employees, lowering turnover rates and improving workplace happiness. Your customers will also sense it too when you make products that include their needs and experiences. By employing a diverse workforce, you will encourage employee and customer loyalty.

Diversity in tech is so important. If you’re struggling to hire a diverse team, let us help. DigitalGrads are recruitment experts with a passion for inclusion. We know that diversity is vital for your business and we have the talent you need to succeed. We love matching innovative tech companies to talented graduates, so sign up today to start finding your new co-workers.

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