Digital Marketing Assistant traits and interview questions

Looking to hire a successful Digital Marketing Assistant, but unsure of the questions to ask? Maybe you’re unfamiliar with the traits to look out for? Well, look no further.

The role of a Digital Marketing Assistant differs from company to company. However, as a support role, you need to look for someone with a willingness to learn and get stuck in attitude.

It is no secret that to be successful in the world of digital marketing, you need the abilities and skills from a variety of different professions. Digital Marketing combines traditional marketing with SEO, web design, content writing, social media marketing, and many more. The traits your next employee needs will have to be vast and wide-reaching – making it near impossible to test at interviews. Hopefully today, however, we will give you an insight into the traits a successful Digital Marketing Assistant will need to have and the questions you can ask during the interview.

Attributes of a successful digital marketing assistant

Self-starting attitude

As we all know, Digital Marketing is a field which often offers a great deal of professional freedom. Your next hire needs to be someone who can keep themselves motivated.

Example interview questions-

  • Have you undertaken any previous Digital Marketing courses or campaigns?
  • Talk about your experience with marketing, in a variety of forms.
  • Describe an integrated marketing campaign you recently worked on. What channels did you use, and why?

Someone who loves a challenge

In an ever-evolving field, it is important that your new hire stays up-to-date with technological developments, alongside shifts in consumer habits. They must love solving challenges and learning new things.

Example interview questions-

  • Recall a time you have had to overcome a challenge during a digital marketing campaign.
  • What is your experience with paid advertising, such as PPC or sponsored content campaigns?

Flexibility and adaptability

In response to this ‘ever-evolving’ field, your next hire has to adapt and be flexible in the forever- changing landscape of digital marketing. They must be prepared to continuously learn new practices and keep up with industry updates. For example, the Google algorithm is always being updated and thus digital marketers and SEO specialists alike must adapt accordingly.

Someone who is passionate

Passionate about both learning and your business…

During the interview, you want to test their curiosity and passion for learning.

Will they:

  • Attend conferences?
  • Build a strong network with other digital marketing professionals?
  • Be aware of industry news, including when and what the latest algorithm changes are?
  • Take refresher courses on important topics?
  • Learn new skills, like web design and creation, copywriting, and statistics?

And a passion for your business…

Ultimately their main goal will be helping businesses gain exposure, build your brand, increase conversions and sales, find new leads, and expand your business. In this digital age, it is integral that your company has a strong online presence. So it is a necessity to hire someone with a true passion for your company. Have they done their research?

Example interview questions-

  • What differentiates us from our competitors?
  • Who are our customers?
  • How do you think people discover our brand?

Communication skills

As mentioned briefly, a successful digital marketing assistant will have strong communication skills. The role is all about disseminating messages, building relationships, and establishing trust, none of which can be accomplished without excellent communication skills.

Digital marketing assistants will often work in conjunction with others, for example, SEO experts, designers, and content marketers. It is essential that they have the ability to lead and manage a team to ensure things are done properly.

Example interview questions-

  • What would you say to a client who wants your campaign to “go viral”?
  • Talk about the structure of your team. Who do you work with? What do they do?
  • How does your team get customer feedback, and how does this inform your work?

Trustworthiness, reliability, and dedication

As a digital marketing assistant, they will be working with clients and co-workers alike. They must be trustworthy and reliable. Can clients trust them?

During the interview do they smile? Are they confident? Do they put you at ease? Would you trust them?

Many of these traits pertain to things like being independent and self -motivated (especially when remote working) but your next hire will also need to work effectively within a team, lead others and communicate effectively with clients, co-workers, and the public.

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