De-risking graduate employment

Maybe you’re apprehensive about hiring graduates?
Are they skilled enough? How much training do they require? Have they had any real-world experience?

Today, we wanted to share with you some honest pros and cons of hiring graduates.

Working as an employment platform, we have had numerous employers, like you, contact us about hiring grads, but more often than not the same concerns arise; their lack of experience and need for training… But let’s not forget all the positives graduates can bring to your company’s development.

‘Graduates lack experience’

Though they might lack the experience of more seasoned candidates, they are essentially a blank canvas. Unlike more experienced employees who have an ingrained sense of how things should be done, hiring grads eliminates this need to re-train and unlearn bad habits.

In other words, what you might see as a lack of experience, is really an opportunity to mould and shape them into whatever your company needs.

‘Graduates need a lot of training’

Leading on from this previous point… Another potential risk of hiring graduates that we hear is that they typically need a lot of training.

But let’s all remember back to our very first job (however many years ago it may have been), with our very first pay-cheque. Entering the world of work is exciting! Grads will undoubtedly work harder to make a great first impression and prove their worth. As such, they are usually more willing to put in the hours and are readily adaptable.

Though they might need that extra bit of training, they are enthusiastic and excited to begin work. Think of grads as an investment. You have these highly educated, easily adaptable individuals who can be moulded into the ideal employee. Before long, they’ll be an invaluable asset to your company.

Grads are more affordable

…than second jobbers.

Ultimately, though, one of the most appealing aspects of hiring recent grads is that they are less expensive than their more seasoned counterparts.

With minimum work experience, no graduate is expecting to start earning a six-figure salary in their first job. For most graduates, they expect a lower salary in exchange for training and experience.  

Of course, we’re not talking cheap labour, at DigitalGrads we advocate paying the Real Living Wage – if possible. However, we discourage you from offering an extremely low salary. It inevitably leads to lower productivity, performance, and morale, thus damaging your business in the long run.

A graduate’s knowledge is current

Fresh out of university, grads know all the latest industry principles and business models.

We know many professionals continually seek to improve and develop their skills; however, this can take time that employers simply can’t afford to lose. It is sometimes more practical to hire people who have the right kind of knowledge now.

Grads will have learn the theory at uni, and now need to put it into practise!

Grads are tech-savvy.

They have a natural aptitude for new technologies in our ever-evolving digital landscape, making them invaluable employees.

Without question, one of the biggest advantages of hiring a grad is their ability to navigate new, innovative technology. Growing up in this digital age has meant grads have a natural affinity to the world of social media and are usually able to learn new systems quickly.

Many of our grads have tech-based interests, whether that be, gaming or running their own blog. Either way knowing their way around these digital platforms is a huge plus when taking your business online.

Grads can add a fresh perspective.

As previously mentioned, grads who have recently graduated from university tend to be more up-to-date with current trends and are often very active when it comes to social justice and what’s newsworthy!

As such you will find that they are a never-ending source of fresh ideas in a professional world that is constantly changing. At DigitalGrads we often have interns and they regularly contribute new ideas to our business. Things we haven’t thought of, and things we are, frankly, out of touch with!

Though hiring graduates might at first seem risky, they are an investment. With the right training and support, grads can quickly become invaluable assets within your company.

Alternatively… if you are apprehensive about hiring grads, why don’t you consider them for an internship position? All the work without a permanent commitment? After all, a temporary fixed term contract is a risk-free way to determine whether new grads will fit into your company.

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As a recent graduate from the University of Reading. I am currently working with DigitalGrads as their content and marketing intern.
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