Will your job description spark excitement in a candidate?

Writing both an exciting and informative job description is one of the many challenges recruiters face.

  • Too long – candidates lose interest.
  • Too brief – leaves candidates with more questions than it answers.

Writing an effective job description is a difficult balancing act. Especially when hiring graduates!

A good job description will be attention-grabbing, spark excitement, and entice applicants in one compelling piece of writing. 

Unsurprisingly there is a structure and a process to creating a great job description. Here’s how we do it at DigitalGrads:

Step 1 – The Hook

Grab their attention in the first couple of lines and make them want more.

E.g. We’re looking for a marketing intern to lead our Instagram charge and capture the hearts and minds of new graduates.

Step 2 – Sparking excitement

A paragraph on what it’s in it for them, and what is great about the company.

E.g. DigitalGrads is disrupting graduate recruitment by providing employers with the tools to recruit pre-trained grads – all without talking to an oily recruiter. Sounds pretty cool, huh? You could be involved in this and so much more.

Step 3 – Self-selection

Be really explicit about the job requirements so the candidate can self-select.

E.g. You will have 6-12 months experience in social media marketing and you will have been instrumental in building a following on Instagram. We don’t mind if that’s self-taught or in industry, but you must have examples of your work to show us.

Step 4 – Qualification

Outline 5-10 specific tasks that the candidate will be required to do on a daily basis so they can decide if it’s for them.

E.g. Set-up and run the social media activity on Instagram and Facebook including creating paid FB ad campaigns using custom audiences and incentive targeting.

When you’re ready to kick off recruitment simply complete your job description by clicking on edit role, so the grads you are chatting to can see all the details.

There you have it – a brief step-by-step guide to writing an effective, eye-catching job description.

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As a recent graduate from the University of Reading. I am currently working with DigitalGrads as their content and marketing intern.
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