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Free Remote Induction Checklist

First impressions can be fatal, so introduce your new hire to their new role the right way.

Download and start using the checklist to help with:

  • Minimising confusion despite the distance.
  • Keeping track of every form that needs to be filled in.
  • Supporting your new hire through setting up a safe home office.
  • Competently covering HR forms and health & safety measures.

Set the tone for a great period of employment with a proper induction.

Taking on juniors can be tricky from the office. Doing it from thousands of miles away can be a nightmare.

Set your new employee up for success with our free, comprehensive Remote Induction Checklist.

  • Introduce your new hire to your company and team.
  • Minimise confusion, anxiety and stress by planning an organised induction process.
  • Get them off to a flying start.