Startup Interns

Need an extra pair of hands for a project? Like the idea of helping young people get their first taste of the working world? Perhaps you’re a start-up and can’t quite afford a full-time salary yet?

Startup Interns is designed to match employers that have a temporary work need, with hungry, talented and enthusiastic grads who so eagerly want their first chance to prove themselves.

It’s purposely designed to be flexible: full-time or part-time hours, short or long term contracts, it doesn’t matter. Whatever the project length, or temporary need we can provide a talented junior to help you.

What is Start-up Interns?

Start-up Interns is a scheme run by DigitalGrads with the aim of helping early-stage start-ups get a much needed extra pair of hands whilst at the same time helping young people get some much-needed work experience.

We’ve been running DigitalGrads for 18-months now and we’ve spoken to many start-ups who haven’t been able to use our service because they need some help but can’t yet afford a full-time salary, or can’t yet commit to PAYE employment.

Similarly, we have hundreds of grads on our platform, and many don’t yet have enough industry experience for our larger clients. 

What are the benefits of using Startup Interns?

  • No employment liability - we provide the worker with an employment contract.
  • No admin - we manage payroll, and the worker’s HMRC obligations.
  • No hidden fees - everything is covered including the worker’s tax, NI and holiday pay.
  • Risk-free - you bear no employment liability whatsoever, and we insure the worker.
  • Motivated candidates - access junior talent with a strong ambition to prove themselves.
  • Continued training - juniors are all enrolled in the DigitalGrads Academy to continue up-skilling in digital.
  • DigitalGrads hotline - an additional line of support for the grads working in your business.

How does it work?

You give DigitalGrads your role and we’ll send you a relevant graduate to telephone interview. We can provide you with up to 3 graduates to interview.

Much like a temporary worker service, we provide the worker with an employment contract, we run the payroll and pay their applicable taxes, NI and holiday pay, and we insure them. There is no hassle, or admin or employment headache for you. You simply sign-up and your worker starts on Monday.

What does it cost?

We’ve purposely kept the costs as low as we can get them so that it’s affordable and flexible for small businesses. It costs just £15 per hour (+vat) to have the graduate working in your business. No hiring fees, no hidden charges, and nothing for you to worry about.

How is payment taken?

We use GoCardless to take the salary payment from you on a weekly basis in advance. The first salary payment must be paid before the worker starts working for you.

What happens if it doesn’t work out?

We will help you find a new worker no problems at all. We’ll work with you to understand what the problems were and find you someone with more applicable skills. You are only obligated to give the worker 1-week notice.

What sort of graduates do you have?

All of our graduates have a desire to break into the tech industry and work in digital and media. Their skills will be mixed and include digital marketing, sales, development and coding, and design.

How do I find out more?

Head over to our Startup Interns register your interest page, leave your details and one  of the DigitalGrads team will be in touch with you to help you get started. Alternatively you can call us on +44 (0)20 3917 0790 or email

If you'd like to take a look at our talent pool head over to our hiring platform and check out the profiles labelled as 'Interns" who are ready and raring to go!

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