01. Video tutorial: Getting started with DigitalGrads

Getting started with DigitalGrads platform

DigitalGrads works with the UK's tech and media companies to fill these roles:

  • Junior digital marketers
  • Junior sales, business development reps and account execs
  • Junior developers
  • Junior designers
  • Junior data analysts

If you are struggling to fill one of these vacancies or you are fed up trawlig through 60 applications to find one or two good ones, DigitalGrads may have the solution for you.

Follow the 3 steps shown in this video and outlined below to get started using the DigitalGrads platform:

Step 1: Choose your location.

Step 2: Select the three most important skills required for your role.

Step 3: Browse through ​our talent pool.

Without an account, you will be limited to a basic view of the graduates’ profiles. If you like what you see and want to learn more about your potential employees, you are free to create an account.

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If you're ready to get started head over to our hiring platform and check out our talent pool who are ready and raring to go!

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