02. Video tutorial: Understanding the DigitalGrads profile

Understanding the DigitalGrads profile

The DigitalGrads profile before you are logged in:

Before you have created an account with DigitalGrads you can view limited information about our candidate pool that includes the headline, brief description, salary expectation, location and verified skills.

Headline: Before you are logged in the headline shows you what type of role the candidate is most suited to. For example it might say: Aspiring Digital Marketer or Junior back-end developer.

Role type: Each profile details whether the candidate is most suited to an intern role, a permanent role or is looking for a year placement between their studies.

Profile Photo: Speaks for itself. We can't insist that candidates upload profile photos as it is sensitive information, but most do.

Location: Locations show where the candidates are wiling to work, and whether they are willing to work remotely.

Degree: Before you are logged in you can see what subject the candidate studied in their most recent degree. Many of our candidates are Masters grads.

Experience: Experience lists the areas that the candidates have gained experience in whether that's at university through a vocational degree, during work experience, or in a first role or internship. This information is not submitted by the candidate but assessed by the DigitalGrads team as part of the verification process. Key skills and experience are only listed if we feel the candidate has sufficient knowledge to use that skill in industry.

Availability: Most candidates at this level are available to interview immediately, some will still be finishing off studies. If the latter is the case we list their available from date.

For example: working in a clothes chain such as Marks and Spencer would not count as "sales experience" but working in a call centre or as a sales representative in mobile shop where the selling is true selling would. Equally 1 week work experience would not be counted as a skill, a 3 month internship would.

The Digital Profile when you are logged in...

After you have created a DigitalGrads account and have signed in as an employer, you are granted access to the full, unlimited view of the graduates' profiles. Check out what this looks like here:

Video: Informally meet and learn more about your potential candidates by viewing the short introduction video they upload to their profile.

Education: This section displays the candidates' full educational background, with additional information such as graduation date, grade, institution and a short description. The education section also includes digital courses, awards, languages and other education and training they may have completed.

Profile Work: Here grads are free to upload past work they have completed, for example websites they have designed, articles they have written, applications they have developed and much more.

Work Experience: 
Get a clear view of where, when, for who they worked, and what exactly they were responsible for in their position.

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