How to sort through and find the best job applications

Sorting through best job applications

So, you have a role to fill and have been inundated with applications. Where do you start? You want to find the best applicant for your business but it can be tricky to sort through the good and the bad. It can be easy to dismiss applications based on factors such as limited experience or gaps in their career, but how do you make sure the perfect candidate doesn’t slip through the net?

Here are some quick tips to ensure that you find the best job applications in an efficient way:

  • Set aside some time to go through applications so you give them your full attention and don’t be tempted to start before the closing date

  • Make a list of important requirements every successful candidate must have, whether that’s experience, a particular qualification or their own transport due to an isolated location – this way you can weed out some straight away

  • Then make a list of desirable, but not compulsory, qualities such as experience in a similar role and a stable career history

  • Those who tick your desirable qualities box will go into one pile and those who don’t have all into another. Sort through the first pile, picking out any that you would definitely like to interview. If you don’t have enough potential interviews, widen your search into the other pile.

  • Don’t get too attached to particular applications if they really impress you – you may not be their first choice and if they were offered the job, they could choose to turn it down

  • Store applications safely – they may come in useful if another role comes up

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