How to conduct a telephone interview

Telephone Job Interview

Telephone interviews can be nerve-wracking for both interviewer and applicant – you have a barrier in the way and you cannot see a person’s reactions. How can you make this process as smooth as possible and ensure it’s hassle-free and allows you to get the most out of the interview?

  • First, ensure you find a time that is suitable for both of you. You’ll want to be in a quiet room and free from distractions – this is vital so that the interview has your full attention. Ensure the time is right for the applicant too to allow them to feel comfortable
  • Put them at ease by giving a quick overview of what you will discuss and the questions you will ask as well as roughly how long the interview will be
  • If there any requirements such as willingness to travel, driving licence or a particular qualification, you should mention this now to avoid wasting anyone’s time
  • Shorter less complicated questions are best suited:
  • Why do you want this role? This allows their passion to come through 
  • Ask about their experience in the industry or a similar role
  • Why did you leave your previous job? – alarm bells should ring if they are too negative about past employers
  • Interests out of work – gauge what type of person they are, will they fit the team dynamic?
  • Make sure to give them an opportunity to ask questions  
  • Ensure you let them them know what the next stage is and how long they should be expecting to wait to hear from you

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