How do I write a great job description?

A good job description will be attention-grabbing, spark excitement and entice applicants in one compelling piece of writing. 

Unsurprisingly there is a structure and a process of creating a great job description. Here's are 7 top tips that we recommend you follow:

1. Be specific - make job titles specific so that they accurately reflect the role. It’s the first thing a candidate will see when searching for a role.

2. Avoid industry lingo - grads especially will not be familiar with industry acronyms and lingo, so help them understand by writing in plain English.

3. Sell your company - you want to attract the best talent, so don’t undersell what your company can offer an employee.

4. Include day-to-day activities - it helps candidates understand the activities you expect them to do. It will help the candidate work out if the role is a good fit for for them.

5. Include reporting lines - including reporting lines and details of where the role fits into your organisational structure so the candidate knows how they will impact the business.

6. Be concise - the amount of detail you include is a delicate balance. If you include too many qualifications or requirements you may put some perfectly capable candidates off.

7. Take your time - spending time now deciding on the role specifics will pay dividends in the long run. You will attract the right candidates and have something to measure against in interviews.

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