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Employing young people can be stressful. You want candidates who have good instinct, intuition and resilience and that's hard to get right. Our helpful experts and clever software take that pain away.

We help hundreds of UK tech start-ups get grad hiring right!

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Tech start-ups require a different 
of grad recruitment.

1. Traditional graduate recruitment is broken.

1 in 3 grads who leave university are mismatched to roles. Traditional graduate recruiters charge high fees, are sector agnostic and focus on the graduate's existing skills. 

Employers subscribe to our service knowing they will receive candidate profiles created in a fair and consistent way.

2. We've banned extortionate hiring fees.

Poor retention costs the tech industry £1,891m each year. A traditional recruiter will charge 10-15% of the starting salary.

It's time to scrap percentage negotiation and large hiring fees, and move with the times. Our subscription model means you can replace candidates at no additional cost. We think this is the fairest way to charge for juniors.

3. Training and career development for young people.

Directly in line with the government’s UK Industrial Strategy the main aim of the DigitalGrads Academy is to help young people develop the skills they need to do the high-skilled jobs of the future.

The DigitalGrads Academy is non-elitist and open to all recent graduates, so it's not just those with 'bank of mum and dad' who get the opportunities.

4. It's fast, efficient and reliable.

Posting job ads is unreliable. Sifting through CVs is slow. The result of recruiting this way is often disappointing.

You can create a shortlist of talented, hungry candidates who are actively looking to work for a tech start-up. Our record is shortlist to hire in just 3 days!

New grad applications each week

Average response rate
to employer messages.

Weeks is the average time it takes to hire.

Your savings compared to using a recruiter.*

Better than anything you've used before.


We were really impressed with the calibre of candidates and look forward to working with DigitalGrads again in the future.

Alex Norman
Operations Manager at Roomlab


We've been approached by many recruiters and DigitalGrads are the first we've been happy with! Highly recommend.

​Dan Williams
Co-founder at Workshop

Digital Leaders

DigitalGrads saved us a huge amount of time and we were able to link up with quality grads to interview in a matter of days.

​Louise Stokes
Director at Digital Leaders

Every junior tech position (technical and commercial) in one place!


  • Social media marketers
  • Content marketers
  • Technical marketers


  • Sales development
  • Account management
  • Customer success


  • Front-end developer
  • Back-end developer
  • Web developer


  • Graphic designers
  • Web / UI designers
  • UX designers


  • Analysts
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data science

How it works

The smart way to recruit. Self-service puts you in charge. Technology does the matching. And humans provide support.

Make CV sifting a thing of the past. 

Search and filter evidence-based digital profiles that are created in a fair and consistent way. 

The best of human and tech.

Our software creates best matches and our people spend their time helping candidates upskill.

90% message response rate.

Chat to live candidates who are actively looking for work. 

Trusted by tech start-ups and media businesses.

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